Monday, June 6, 2016

Forex – EUR/USD Forecast: Intra-Day Momentum Stays Bullish – The US dollar exchange rates found support after Japanese Government talks pulld the Japanese yen down.

Though the currency has not recently gained from any domestic data, the US greenback currency exchange rates have nonetheless been able to rise versus a host of foreign exchange peers as of press time, which includes the Euro and the British Pound.

The currency's strong stance is perceived to have emerged from a rally in the attractiveness of the US greenback that has emanated from a converse slip in the prospects of the Japanese currency, which is largely seen as a rival for the USD.

Considering the latter case, Japanese economic officials have been undertaking efforts to temporarily lower the value of the Yen through jawboning, with caution on 'firm action' in the next few years in order to cushion the Yen and thereby lift the USD to appeal more to market currency players.

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