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Trade24 – Forex Trading Services for Noobs

Forex[1] is a very attractive way of investing and having some returns. Nowadays, the Forex Markets have been attracting many Bitcoin traders. Since the Forex Market has an enormous liquidity and it is practically non-stop, it enables traders to maintain their activity 24 hours per day. However, trading Forex is still a somewhat complex activity and as so, traders always try to find the most trusted and easiest way for trading Forex.

Trade24 is a Forex Broker that offers total simplicity when trading Forex. Besides Forex, Trade24 also offers customers access to commodity and stock trading in a completely secure and professional platform. Liquidity of customers' transactions is certified by international banks such as UBS, Barclays and SHBC, thanks to this our traders have access to markets 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.Trade24 Offers Additional Analytical Tools to Improve Clients Trading. newsbtc[2]

Trade24 provides high-quality broker's services for those who want to start earning on the forex markets. Trade24, started as a broker on Forex market and CFD in April 2007 in Switzerland and already has offices in major business centers around the world such as London, Paris and Zurich.

Trade24 offers its clients:

  • Extremely low spreads between the bid / ask price
  • Commission free trading
  • The option to trade via our dealing room or trading platform independently.
  • Fixed rates
  • Personal and completely confidential service
  • Financial services custom tailored to each, individual client
  • Internet and cellular trading systems of the highest standards

The company also offers a lot of trading tools and professional instruments to help traders do their bidding. Among the variety of trading instruments, Forex traders can find not only the currency pairs and SPOT – metals[3] but also a lot of tools commodity and stock markets such as sugar, animal meat, corn, oil, aluminum, shares of Boeing etc.

Trade24 also offers access to advanced trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4, SIRIX and Webtrader. All trading platforms the company uses are adapted for use on PCs and mobile devices running on android platform and IOS.

Trade24 operates branches in London, Paris and Switzerland and via the web and is accessible to almost everyone in the world. More than 140,000 of traders already chosen Trade24 as their broker on Forex market and every day new traders are coming in. So, visit Trade24 and you might be the next one!

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