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Live forex account trading as recipe for success

'Kunle Adeyeri

'Kunle Adeyeri

A trainee of recently concluded online forex trading training had a brief chat with me on the live market. During the online class, I laid emphasis on going live rather than staying long on the demo/paper trading platform. He told me how his breath got seized intermittently but glad he kept to my advice. I told him there was no much difference between the markets he was on demo and the live accounts. But now that his real money is involved, discipline, confidence and better understanding of the market has just begun.

A consistent live account trader of one month is better than a paper (demo) tiger trader of three years. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying demo trading is bad but am of the opinion it should be for a short time to perfect your skills and strategies. The fact remains that you cannot grow nor be successful if your money is not involved in forex trading. As a demo account trader, you can try all experiments but with live or real account, it is a different psychological frame of mind. You learn faster from your mistakes and get refined, mature and disciplined in the market.

As a beginner trading live account, you will see money on the table (i.e. sure trading position that will yield profit) yet fear of loss grips you and you just sit down there and watch the market move in the trend you have envisaged or analysed. But if it were demo account, you will go for it. On demo account, you take risks which ordinarily you would not dare in a live account, you end up making money there. But it turns out to be another story when it's a live account.

Even though demo account is a near perfect simulation of live trading, the traders' emotions and fears are completely wide apart. It is traditional or conventional to ask you to begin demo trading after your training by most trainers, but with my training, am changing that course. My experience, boldness and success stem from the fact that I got burnt in the market but I decided to face the question of why I encountered losses and since I found that answer, I have been over average success story.

Most of whom have lost money in forex trading and hence loathe forex are those who (by my guess) spent much time demo trading without a good psychological preparation for the real or live trading. Also those who lose money initially to inadequate education (on technical's and fundamentals) of the market think forex trading is a herculean task. The initial losses discourage them and they never go far beyond overcoming that trauma to look for the right answer rather the blames are heaped on the market. Forensic analysis on their account history will definitely show their wrongdoings.

In summary, good education and fearless early live market entry is a sure way to finding the right answer to successful career and profitable trading.  No PAIN. No GAIN. Q.E.D.

The next schedule of online and classroom trainings have been moved to Monday April 4 to allow for Easter celebration. Enrol now to overcome the hurdles in the market and be a profitable live account trader.

Trading tips/signals for the week Monday March 28 – Friday April 01 , 2016

Entry Suggested Entry Price (SEP) and exit Take Profit/Stop Loss(TP/SL) could also be at trader's discretion. Entry (SEP) and exit (TP/SL) may also occur on or before or in-between the stipulated period. Money management strictly is advised.

USDCAD (BUY LIMIT): Suggested entry 1.3225. [email protected][1][email protected][2][email protected][3] Expected pull back upward may occur before SEP.

EURUSD (SELL LIMIT): Suggested entry 1.1162 – 1.1180. [email protected][email protected][4][5]

USDJPY (BUY LIMIT): Suggested entry 112.90 – 113.00. [email protected][6][email protected][7][email protected][8] Expected pull back upward may occur before SEP.

EURJPY (BUY LIMIT): Suggested entry 126.12 – 126.20. [email protected][9][email protected][10][email protected][11] Expected pull back upward may occur before SEP.

Visit our website or Ikeja office (2nd Floor. 67 Obafemi Awolowo Way. Opposite Olowu Bus Stop) for more assistance on your investment or account management, account opening and training . Terms and conditions apply. Registration for April 2016 Batch training commences on Monday 4 April, 2016. Enrol now for your weekday, weekend or online class. Call 01-3429029, 08039391041, 08148405500 or send a mail for details to [email protected] or [email protected][12][13]

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