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NordFX: TOP 10 Forex Signals. January 2016

NordFX: TOP 10 Forex Signals. January 2016

Any trader out there dreams of enjoying stunning performance in the form stable and high profits with little effort, time and risk. Some FX brokers make this dream come true for thousands of retail clients. These brokers are always the best of the best.


This holds true for NordFX, the holder of the World's Best Forex Broker 2015 title, courtesy of Masterforex-V Expo. This FX broker has been winning prestigious awards all the time since day one. Nothing fancy given the fact that the company's team includes talented and committed experts in various fields related to FX trading. These guys keep on making NordFX an excellent environment for making huge profits on a regular basis by means of trading and investing activities.

In 2015 alone, the company won 4 titles at a time:

World's Best Forex Broker 2015 – Grand Prix

Best Micro Broker 2015

Best ECN Broker 2015

Best Forex Broker for Auto-Copying 2015


It is not accidental that the company's client base counts over 1 000 000 clients to date. These are traders and investors from around the world. They value the company's services and products for their quality and security as well as efficiency in making money.

Yet, it is quite logical that NordFX made those moneymaking dreams come true. Today, anyone can become a NordFX client and start making money right of the bat without having to trade Forex personally. You can simply copy successful traders' signals and enjoy the same performance and profits they do.

Benefits of NordFX Signals


Previously, Market Leader wrote about the benefits of using the trading signals delivered by some of the best traders cooperating with NordFX. John Gordon, NordFX's leading analysts, says that MetaQuotes Software Corp., which developed MetaTrader 4 and 5 – the most popular trading software in the FX industry – has drastically improved the software. So has NordFX. NordFX acts as the only intermediary between the provider of signals and the subscriber. With that being said, NordFX can select only those signals that have the highest potential to make profit. That's why the company constantly releases the rating of the top-ranking signal providers offering the best results at relatively low risk. NordFX also consult the clients on how to choose the optimal provider of trading signals based on your own risk tolerance, profit expectations and other key features.


Another benefit if using those signals via NordFX is the fact that you don't have to install and set up any extra software to get the signals and make use of them since they are integrated into the MetaTrader 4 or 5 software offered by NordFX. All you need to do is to open an account with NordFX and sing up to the chosen signals in a few clicks.

By the way, on top of being the source of info about the best-performing traders to date, the rating of trading signals by NordFX can be treated as an in-depth profile for every single trader in the rating. You can see profits, drawdowns, strategies used (aggressive or conservative), subscribers and so much more.

The list of other benefits of trading signals delivered by NordFX includes:
- exceptional level of safety and security

- no fees and commissions

- fixed spreads

- VPS for round-the-clock remote auto trading

- over 4000 signal providers

- affordable subscription (usually $20 a month)

- there are even free signals

- a dedicated system preventing the client from trading-lot miscalculation and deposit overload

- fully transparent trading history with over 50 parameters of online monitoring making it possible to filter out the most profitable signals


TOP 10 Signal Providers. January 2016


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