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NordFX - World's Best FX Broker 2015

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NordFX - World's Best FX Broker 2015

Every year, Masterforex-V Expo determines the world's best Forex broker, which are FX companies offering the best products, services and solutions for profitable FX trading, according to professional traders and investors as well as independent financial experts.


Masterforex-V Expo as Quality Mark

As opposed to many other ratings of Forex broker you can find on the web, Masterforex-V Expo focuses on customer feedback as the key factor determining the quality of a company's products and services. This is done through open voting, which lasts for 12 months. In order to make the voting more unbiased, various independent experts also take part in the process. The list of those experts includes members of Masterforex-V Academy[1], who consider 23 independent criteria to make up their mind – from spreads and commissions to the degree of security and safety of client funds, licenses, expertise etc.
As a result, at the end of each year the international community welcomes the list of TOP brokers leading the industry in a number of aspects. 

In 2015, it was NordFX that was recognized the world's best Forex broker. By the way, the broker won 3 more awards at a time:

Best Micro FX Broker 2015

Best ECN FX Broker 2015
Best FX Broker for Auto-Copying 2015

It is interesting to note that NordFX has won the Best FX Broker title for the 4th year in a row. 

Why NordFX?


We should remind you that in 2015, NordFX provided its clients with the most beneficial trading conditions, both for standard and cent accounts, which means that both rookies and advanced traders could enjoy those benefits, including minimal deposits, leverage, assets, order execution quality and some other major factors.


On top of that, NordFX offered over 1 000 000 traders a rang of innovative products and services in order to let the take their trading performance to a whole new level.

-       Total redesign - from the way the website looks to its features

-       New trading platform for binary options -

-       Free mobile app for binary options trading for iOS and Android

-       Further development of the automated signal service called MQL5 Signals

-       SuperTrader TV

-       Education Center by NordFX

-       Beneficial deposit bonuses up to 100% on unprecedented conditions

-       A range of other products and services.


Market Leader interviewed NordFX's leading analyst John Gordon. When asked about the reasons behind this success, he said that it is all about consistency and hard work. Even despite the fact that NordFX won several title at a time, the expert says that the members of the NordFX team are not focused on winning prestigious awards. Instead, they are focused on doing everything they can to back the continuous progress of their company and making sure that the clients are happy. All those awards come as the result of their efforts. This is the way all client-oriented companies should do their business.

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PrivateFX - Most Discussed FX Broker in January 2016

Experts say that the popularity of a Forex broker in social networks is one of the key factors indicating the company's stable growth. This is what the contemporary online business is all about. It is built around customer feedback and client focus. Successful businesses give their clients exactly what they want.  That is why marketing experts keep on reiterating the importance of building an army of loyal customers to back the company's success over the long term.

Publication date: 30 January 05:33 PM

Soros Versus Renminbi

They say that George Soros, the world-famous American billionaire, is waging war on the Chinese Yuan also known as the Renminbi. Well, this is more than a rumor, especially if to take into account the fact that the Chinese Department of Trade is reporting the same thing.

Publication date: 28 January 05:39 PM

Oil Prices Go Down Again

Today, oil prices have resumed the downtrend once again.  This is happening amid the same excessive oversupply seen in the global market of crude oil. In particular ICE Brent futures went 15 down to $32,77/b in London after a stunning recovery seen over the past couple od trading days. At the same time, WTI futures went some 1,3% down to $31,87/b.

Publication date: 28 January 04:14 PM

Forex: U.S. Dollar Goes Down Amid U.S. Labor Market Figures

The U.S. Department of Labor has recently released a report, which says that the amount of jobless claims reached the 6-year high last week. In particular, the amount of jobless Americans applied for unemployment benefits increased by 10 thousand people up to 293 000 people for the first time in many years.

Publication date: 27 January 06:00 PM

SFX Markets Expects Tech Innovations After iFX EXPO in China

On January 26 – 28, Hong Kong[3] is hosting another prestigious Forex expo called iFX EXPO.  Some experts say that this event is among the top 5 Forex expos planned for 2016. The ways to improve the FX industry through innovation are going to be some o the major issues on the agenda. In particular, SFX Markets is going to introduce some cutting-edge technologies aimed at improving the so-called FIX API trading.

Publication date: 26 January 07:27 PM

8 Lessons by PrivateFX for Companies, Willing to Appear at International Markets

At the time when politicians are busy with economic sanctions and imposing trading embargoes, and officials argue about ways and methods of attracting investment and gaining international markets, leading ІТ enterprises are making certain steps forward, thus creating real perspectives for development in the nearest future. In his new-year greeting the Managing Partner of PrivateFX Group Roman Karaulov has admitted that the new business-structure, which has recently appeared at the market, offers its clients truly innovative approach to investment that opens unseen opportunities before all market participants.

Publication date: 24 January 11:22 AM

Traders of Masterforex-V Earn Over 23 Thousand Points Since Beginning of January 2016

Long New Year holidays are over, and journalists of the "Market Leader" have met the vice-rector of Masterforex-V Academy[4] Sergei Cherepanov (nick at forum Rich man) to ask him about intermediate results of traders – participants of project. Offers of these traders can be copied for free if subscribed to the web site.

Publication date: 21 January 03:51 AM

Omni Partners Fund Doesn't Deny 30% Renminbi Devaluation In 2016

The international expert community keeps on discussing the situation around the Chinese economy and national currency. A major London-based investemnt fund named Omni Partners says that the Chinese Yuan has all chances to devalue 30-34% this year, thereby continuing the tendency started last year. With that in mind they expect the Renminbi to devalue at least 15% in 2016. This is the lowest expected threshold.

Publication date: 18 January 06:21 AM

World FOREX – Best FX Broker for Binary Options Trading 2015

Now, when 2015 is gone, it is time for summing up. Masterforex-V Expo's judges, who are respected experts in many fields related to the industry, traditionally distinguished major FX brokers for their achievements in 2015. World FOREX was recognized the World's Best FX Broker for Binary Options Trading in 2015. Market Leader congratulate the company on this wonderful event.

Publication date: 11 January 07:17 AM

Forex. USDSGD: U.S. Dollar Raises Versus Singaporean Dollar Amid Changes in Singaporean GDP

According to the preliminary report released by Singapore's national statistics office, the local GDP grew by 25 in Q4 2015 relative to 1,8% in Q3 2015. It should be noted that analysts had expected 1,3%, which leads us to believe that the report came out much stronger than expected.

Publication date: 11 January 05:44 AM


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