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8 Lessons by PrivateFX for Companies, Willing to Appear at International Markets

At the time when politicians are busy with economic sanctions and imposing trading embargoes, and officials argue about ways and methods of attracting investment and gaining international markets, leading ІТ enterprises are making certain steps forward, thus creating real perspectives for development in the nearest future. In his new-year greeting the Managing Partner of PrivateFX Group Roman Karaulov has admitted that the new business-structure, which has recently appeared at the market, offers its clients truly innovative approach to investment that opens unseen opportunities before all market participants.

One of the main advantages of PrivateFX group of companies is presence among its shareholders of a strong financial structure Concorde Capital, which has Ukrainian roots. In the interview to "Forbes" the Head of Concorde Capital company Igor Mazepa speaks plainly about the strategy of expanding presence in different segments, followed by his corporation, "this includes Forex transactions with currencies, valuable securities, spreads, and so on. We want to cover the whole world with such deals, thus providing a wide assortment to our clients, which is why we are interested in this kind of business."

Forex broker PrivateFX is supposed to fulfill this strategic goal "to cover the whole world with such deals", and for 2016 its goals include covering this market segment in Ukraine, Russia, China, and Asian countries. The authoritative European investment banker Concorde Capital has in fact given the broker a free hand in gaining leadership in the niche of Forex, trade of valuable securities, spreads, etc., having provided "a wide assortment to the clients".

How is the experience of PrivateFX group of companies interesting for thousands of Ukrainian enterprises, dreaming about winning the status of a leader in their market segment? Analysts of the "Market Leader" have tried to understand the issue.

Referring to the interview given by PrivateFX Managing Partner Roman Karaulov on 30 December 2015, the analysts have singled out at least eight competitive benefits of PrivateFX, which can become guidelines for all enterprises, willing to open their way to success at the world's markets.

Lesson 1. One should enter international market with an innovative product, which can intrigue potential clients, shareholders, and investors in any point of the globe. "Active Investor" has become such product for PrivateFX group of companies; this is a unique product that allows copying offers of the world's best traders, joining PAMM-services, as well as interfering in trade and effecting deals on one's own. All this is available from one trading account!

Lesson 2. Realization of any large project requires not high capital investments. PrivateFX has started its activity with strong in financial support of the company Concorde Capital. As a result, one can be certain that the new project will be able to withstand any rapid fluctuations at the market, meet its obligations before clients regardless of external influence, as well as requirements of financial regulators.

Lesson 3: A successful company looks for a key to the heart of clients at the beginning, but not in a long shot, for it needs clients not only in future, but also now. Another unique feature of PrivateFX is entering the market with a multi-thousand client database. According to experts, this is an unprecedented case in the history of OTC market. Having offered best conditions, PrivateFX could get the vast client database of companies that form the group. Therefore, it will have no initial "dead" season when a company has to accumulate client database and put up with absence of profit.

Lesson 4. Use potential of companies that have already gained success at the market, but appeared in a difficult situation. In the world of business merger and acquisition are powerful instruments for developing new projects. PrivateFX Group has bought out know-hows (PAMM indexes, PAMM-2, etc.) from a previously successful company ForexTrend, after the latter suffered from market fluctuation last year, and managed to improve them, bring to a new level of quality, having thus saved at least several years on their development, testing, and implementation.

As a result, most clients of ForexTrend have also come to PrivateFX, for here they have seen new opportunities, better safety from risks, and more convenient terms for doing business. Today, with the help of PrivateFX, they hope not only to return last year's losses, but also to accumulate personal capitals by using highly-efficient instruments of the new broker.

Lesson 5. New project should be effected by experienced professionals. Despite complexity in Russian-Ukrainian relations, the group of companies has great starting opportunities. It turns out that all political moments take backseat when representatives of business get common goals and serious potential.

The Managing Partner of PrivateFX Roman Karaulov is yet little known in Ukraine, unlike investment circles of RF and Europe, where he has been actively working at international financial markets since 2006 and clearly understands the needs of investors from around the globe,  as well as how to create best conditions for them. As the Vice Chairman of Expert Council at all-Russia non-governmental organization "Delovaya Russia", he has been recently invited by the Prime Minister of the RF Dmitry Medvedev to take part in official reception at international investment forum "Sochi-2015".

"A powerful company with a strong idea is stronger than political disagreements," believes Roman Karaulov.

Lesson 6. Success is impossible to reach without good reputation. A decision to create a famous brand should not be placed on a shelf. From the very first steps you need to act so that you are noticed in authoritative expert sphere and start to be written about by largest media, like in case with PrivateFX – TASS and "Russian Newspaper", UNIAN and TSN, "Commersant", "Komsomolskaya Pravda", and "Parliamentary Newspaper of RF", PRIME, "", and Rosbalt, "Observer", "", and newspapers "Day" (Kiev), "Vechernyaya Moskva", "Vesti", etc.

No wonder that potential clients will then find out about you, and start trusting. This will be followed by first awards... already at the beginning MasterForex-V Academy has called PrivateFX the main opening of 2015, the "Market Leader" – broker of new generation, and many analysts have compare effectiveness of investment in PrivateFX to potential of getting profit in such large-scale companies as Boeing, Google, IBM, etc.

Lesson 7. Improve conditions for your clients. No matter how perfect your company's service is today, tomorrow it has to be even better. PrivateFX reaches this goal owing to its innovative developments and unique instruments. Among them – no slipping, the fastest fulfillment of order, instant reaction of support service to queries. And, in addition, an opportunity to get high profit from investment in PAMM accounts and PAMM indexes, copying deals of most successful traders at the market, participating in partner programs, etc.

Lesson 8. Set maximal tasks in order to reach maximal goals in your development. Progress is movement forward, non-stop development, and struggle for new markets. Even the ancient used to teach, "Who does not swim forward, is brought back by the stream." "In this context, one should pay attention to the fact how PrivateFX as the company that has just appeared at the market has set a goal to win the world's two most perspective markets – Europe and China – within one year," say analysts with reference to the speech given by PrivateFX Managing Partner Roman Karaulov on 30 December 2015.

What does Experience of PrivateFX Teach us?

Who wants to reach success – looks for opportunities, who is ready to come to terms with defeat – speaks about difficulties. This truth is again proved by the of example of rapid development of PrivateFX Group, which, despite all present day obstacles and problems, is showing amazing ability to progress regardless any "objective" circumstances. It would be easier to say that for development of new highly-efficient project one should wait for better times. But will they ever come to those who go with the stream, without making any effort to achieve set goals?

Experience of PrivateFX group of companies can give us another important lesson: modern business has to be organized so that it becomes attractive to all market participants, from shareholders to ordinary traders and investors. For this purpose a company has to truly care about success of its clients, providing them with an opportunity to earn much and risk little.

It needs up-to-date technologies, which can be used by anyone, as well as honest communication of the company's management with its clients. And, of course, real opportunity not only to maintain, but also accumulate one's capital, is vital.

"To become the first, you do not need to catch up. You simply need to run in your direction," taught the ancient.


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